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GroshCoin TeamPublished on 05. June, 2023

GroshCoin - Official Statement

Dear visitor.

We want to inform you that the functionality of GroshCoin to support the GROSSUS - Blockchain Company registry is temporarily suspended due to the low liquidity of GroshCoin.

To enhance the overall usability and token liquidity within the Geton Ecosystem, we are currently focusing on token recycling. This involves upgrading the MyGetonWallet interface to provide a user-friendly feature that allows individuals to convert their GroshCoins into other liquid cryptocurrencies. By streamlining this process, we aim to improve the experience of using cryptocurrencies within our ecosystem.

The GroshCoin team, responsible for managing GroshCoin's undistributed supplies and ongoing development, will soon release a new GroshCoin whitepaper. This comprehensive document will provide detailed information about the future utilization of GroshCoin and its tokenomics. Our primary objective is to ensure ample liquidity for GroshCoin on a global scale before reopening and launching the GROSSUS - Blockchain Company Registry.

We greatly appreciate your understanding and support during this temporary hold. We remain optimistic about the future prospects of GroshCoin and its potential for success.

Thank you for your patience.

GroshCoin Team